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Music Review: Is Kiss Daniel’s New Single ”Sofa” Another Classic Hit Or An Overhyped Nonsense?


Few weeks back, there has been a heavy buzz, promo and hype about the coming of Kiss Daniel Single titled “Sofa”. The viral pre-release campaign for the song promised that “Sofa” will be another smashing hit from the G-worldwide star.

Amidst all the hype we waited patiently until the song finally dropped like a bombshell few days ago. This time Kiss Daniel went the reggae way with a good blend of afro tune which wasn’t bad at all.

Apart from the fusion of reggae and afro-pop genre, Kiss Daniel further murdered the song with a more matured lyrical content that blend so well with the atmospheric beat that comes with it.

However, as good as the song sounds, Kiss Daniel’s decision to adopt some lyrics style from Gyptian Ft Nicki Minaj’s “Hold Yuh” remix made the song loose its originality.

“Gal mi waan fi hold yuh, put mi arms right around yuh”- (Gyptian Lyrics on “Hold Yuh” Ft Nicki Minaj)

This is not to say, copying part of another person’s work is totally wrong but it takes off originality which is the most important element of any artistic work. But then, the song is a reflection of the fact that Kiss Daniel as an artiste is no fluke. Personally i think the song is going to win lots of music lovers heart in weeks to come.

In conclusion, On a scale of 10 I will rate the song 7/ 10. ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

”Now, over to you guys, Do you think Kiss Daniel’s new single, Sofa is a good song or an overhyped nonsense?….

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