Love & Dating: How to be in a relationship without half measures


How to be in a relationship

How much sacrifice is considered too much in a relationship? And how much love is too much love?

When Rapunzel continuously let the charming prince in through that tiny window of that mythical castle, she did so at the very high risk of being caught by her evil mum.

But she continued doing it nonetheless, hoping that the pieces of rags would become long enough to escape, like Alice, into a wonderland with Prince Charming before their plan was discovered and torn to shreds by the black, ugly claws of that witch.

Of course, everyone knows how that story ends. If you don’t, just type ‘Rapunzel’ into google after reading this article and you’ll be good.

We just published a story here about Japanese Princess, Mako, the real-life, modern Rapunzel, who is risking it all for love.


As Japanese culture dictates, the princess will lose her place among royalty if she marries a commoner; and although she is well aware of this, reports say she intends to go ahead and seek permission from her grandfather, the emperor of Japan, to be with her lover who she met while in University.

This inevitably leads to the question of how much sacrifice one deserves from a partner, and how much of the same one should be willing to make.

How much of myself am I supposed to invest into a relationship? How much do I give? Not just in monetary value now but in more general terms.


How much sacrifice is too much sacrifice? How committed do I have to be? How much discomfort/inconvenience do I have to endure with a partner before giving up on them and moving on?

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This wouldn’t have been a difficult to answer or a complex issue to address if relationships hadn’t become what they are today.

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