Tyga Body Shames Kylie Jenner Over Her Birthday Present To Him :(


We all go through that cringe-inducing bad boy phase but Kylie Jenner’s, true to over-the-top Kardashian form, is way worse than anyone else.

To wit, she was thoughtful enough to bake (or buy) butt-themed cupcakes for her boyfriend Tyga’s birthday. He turns 27 on Nov. 19 and she wanted to kick off the festivities sooner rather than later with a custom made treat.

they don't know

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Well, Tyga, who is in deep financial trouble (I lost count of the lawsuits), took the opportunity to make fun of her butt.

In the Snapchat vid, Tyga swirls his grubby finger in the fanny-shaped frosting and jokes, “Gotta make it more real, gotta flatten it a little bit,” if it’s going to look like Kylie’s backside. You can then hear her gasp in the background and whine “Baaaaabe!”

I’m not one to toss around the term “body shaming” and I’m still not–but this is just plain mean. Someone goes to the trouble to get you treats and you basically tell them their body isn’t good enough? Seriously?

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The saddest part IMO is the fact that this is probably just the tip of the birthday iceberg–I hear she’s planning an extravagant blow out bash, so brace yourself for some idiotic car she’ll buy him or some god-awful diamond-encrusted necklace.

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