Please Advise: “Help! He is Very Rich But Cannot Satisfy Me in Bed”


A disturbed lady has cried out for help over a sexual challenge that is about to ruin her relationship. The story shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels reads:

I don’t how this may sound, but I just want to hear from your friends. I have a man that wants to marry me, he is rich but honestly his p*nis is nothing to write home about. It is so small, even when he goes inside me, I hardly notice he is inside me.He is very rich, a divorcee, he told me his wife started cheating on him because of that, so he noticed, when he found out she can’t stop, he divorced her. Honestly, I don’t think I can stay with him just for the money. I complained to my friend, and she said I should marry him and keep a distant guy who can be warming me up sexually.

He has a daughter with his ex, they are divorced in court and gone separate ways since 6 years now. Madam can I do this? He has proposed, I accepted but the s*x part is not considerable at all. His p*nis is nothing to a write home about; I love s*x, madam honestly not even what I can manage .

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