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Kim Kardashian Ate Two Fast Food Meals on the Day of Her Naked Desert Photo Shoot


Remember Kim Kardashian‘s naked desert photo shoot? (Of course you do; all she wore was white paint.) Well, there’s plenty more where that came from! Kardashian’s assistant Stephanie Shepherd took over the reality star’s app on Friday, November 18, and gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at just what went down.

Shepherd, also known as “Steph Shep” to the Kardashian squad, shared 15 previously unreleased snaps from the shoot. “I snuck Kim out of her house in the little car I had at the time and drove to the desert a couple hours away to meet with photographer Kesler Tran. We actually found him on Instagram and had never met in person before!” she wrote.

And just in case you though the Selfish author, 36, starved herself pre-shoot, think again. Shepherd added: “I remember Kim made me stop at KFC along the way, LOL.”


The assistant (who Kardashian memorably spoofed via Instagram on her birthday) continued, “Kim managed to go undetected and had this incredible photo shoot with Kesler! We were there the entire day. Kim just literally dropped her robe and was completely naked in broad daylight—she looked amazing!!! I got to paint the white paint all over her body and oil her up, which I know is probably a much-desired task, LOL. It was just a really fun shoot. On the way home we were hungry again, so we stopped to get In-N-Out.” (For those tallying at home, that’s two fast food joints in one day. #goals)

But more than the fact that Kardashian, who shares two children with husband Kanye West, stunned wearing absolutely nothing, Shepherd will always remember the adventure for a different reason. “I really saw how fun and fearless Kim was,” she wrote. “Her confidence inspires me to be comfortable with myself. She really does bring that out in me. She encourages me to stay motivated, try new projects and push myself personally and professionally — while still having fun.”

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