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LAGOS-based international graduate school, Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS) has launched a “Study Now Pay Later” scheme to help graduates in need of skills to enhance their professional careers. The scheme is part of the Centre’s plan to help graduates get jobs in their chosen careers. In a statement posted on the Centre’s website and confirmed by the Centre Director Prof Anthony Kila, the scheme is aimed at helping more graduates participate in the CIAPS OBE Programmes. The programmes according to Prof Kila, “are Outcome-based Educational programmes built on research and the inputs we get from dynamic organisations about their recruitment needs as well as their employment and development strategies”. A major aim of the programme is to address the employability of many graduates and young people. Rather than focusing on just theory and academic curriculum, CIAPS is working with businesses and other various kinds of organisations and employers to establish what kind of graduates these organisations and employers need, and what skills/ knowledge these graduates should possess. This way graduates will be training for a real job and career rather than just for a certificate Kila noted that meaningful postgraduate and professional education is quite expensive and findings have revealed that a lot of potentially capable and academically bright graduates are being excluded from opportunities of getting required professional skills because of their inability to pay for professional studies.

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